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How to change the seat status on the seating plan?

Statuses of seats

There are 4 seat statuses used in TicketTool: available, booked, taken and not active. In the status editor these statuses are marked by corresponding colors: green, blue, grey and yellow. On the plan, which an attendee sees while buying tickets, active seats are marked by colors according the price zones; other seats are marked in grey and cannot be selected by the attendee because they are already sold, booked or not active.

How to change the status?

To change the seat status go to "List of events" and choose the option "Status". In the status editor you can set a “not active” status (grey color) for unavailable seats. These seats are not available for purchase. To make them available again change the status for active (green color).

(fig. 1)

The change of status is done when the color of a seat changes, no additional actions are required.

(fig. 2)

We recommend to use the status editor carefully, especially after the beginning of sales. You should remember, that a seat may have been already sold or booked. The status of this seat can be changed only after order cancellation. Careless use of the status editor may lead to confusion during sales.