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Fundraising events hosting

How to set up fundraising event?

Fundraising event differs from regular event with only one thing: user can raise the price. To set up fundraising event you should select option on create/edit event page. After that user will get opportunity to set up tickets price by himself. In case of fundraising events, price of the tickets set up by event organizer is minimum possible price, so user can only raise this price. If user will put less, price will be raised to minimum price automatically.

How to set up automated sending of financial report via e-mail?

The financial document is the report about contribution which can be provided to financial supervisory authorities. To set it up you should visit settings page, using a link on create/edit event page. You need to fill in the form with data for PDF template. You can use several tags to put event and user data to template: [EVENT_NAME], [EVENT_DATE], [EVENT_VENUE], [USER_FIRSTNAME], [USER_LASTNAME], [USER_EMAIL], [USER_PHONE], [USER_ORGANIZATION], [USER_ADDRESS], [USER_ZIP], [USER_CITY], [USER_STATE], [USER_AMOUNT], [USER_CUR].

How to get list of donations?

To get list of donations you can click button in events list, which you can see on the image below. If user don't want to show his data, it will be hidden, so you can use it as public document.