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Joomla Plug-In (component) for Online Ticket Sales

What is Joomla Plug-In (component) for?

This component is to ease online ticket sales for the sites' owners who use CMS Joomla.

How does this component work?

The component automatically imports the events as regular articles into category of the site indicated in settings; the component also automatically assigns the title to the article and its description as well as it adds the map with driving directions to the place where the event is to take place. The data import in the article format allows using the Joomla's advantages to their entirety. You can automatically create the event poster on your site in a few seconds.

How to install and set up Joomla component

You can download the component for Joomla 1.5.0 and 2.5.0 right from our site. After the download is over go to the page "Extension Manager" and install the component. After you are done with installation of the "Components" from the menu you will see the "tickettool" sign. Go to the page with the component and set it up (the setup button is located in the right upper corner of the page). After you save your settings click on the button "Import" and all your events will be transferred to the chosen category.

Is it possible to use the online ticket sales component with another Joomla version?

Yes, it is possible. To do this you have to download the component of any version, dearchive it and change Joomla version into the one that you are going to use in the tickettool.xml file. Next, you need to archive and install it.