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Online ticketing system for transport. Buses, airplanes, boats, etc.

How to use TicketTool.net Online ticket sales for transportation?

In order to meet requests from our clients and ensure the convenient way of combining events tickets with related transportation (for instance transfer option) we provide possibility in the system to organize online tickets sales for different types of transport, for instance: buses, planes, trains, ships, etc. The versatility of the ticket service TicketTool.net make the process easy and efficient and could be also used by transportation companies in a large scale.

Functionality of the system

The main challenge in terms of functionality when organizing transportation tickets sales is a large number of tickets daily sold. For example, one regional bus station can send and receive per day dozens or even hundreds of buses and shuttles. This means a lot of routine work for the operator, who has to fill the timetable. We solved the problem by developing tools for copying routs. All what you need to do is provide us timetable, all further work we will handle ourselves. After installing the module on your site or page on the social network page, you will be able to sell tickets online. A link to the module can be found in the profile tab more information. By request, the module can be customized to address your specific needs.

Ticket sales through usual counter or travel agency

Our ticket service provides a full range of services necessary for the tickets sale, including the option to use TicketTool in traditional counter. Cashier at the workplace equipped with computer, printer and internet access, in a few seconds can choose the tickets, print and sell them to the passengers.

Tickets control

Tickets control can be conducted through printed checklist or by using free mobile applications for smartphones or tablets (Android / iOS). That function is available with internet connection or without one (when using offline mode). More about tickets control can be found on the page "Ticket Checking", here you can also download and test the application.