Discount Codes

Why does this possibility exist?

This possibility exists to make the process of ticket distribution simpler. If you have already created the database of your regular customers, you will be able to organize the promo codes mailing just in a few minutes, thus increasing sales. Besides, you will be able to use one or more discount services and offer their users to purchase event tickets with discounts.

How does it work?

To upload the promo codes into the system it is necessary to go to the corresponding page from the events list. Next, you need to add the codes from the CSV file. The codes shall be placed in the first column of the file; all the rest data will be ignored. The dates during which the codes will stay valid as well as the price zones are to be assigned to codes. If you want to generate codes, you are to indicate their amount and set options as described above. Generated codes can be uploaded in the CSV format. The first column of the CSV file will contain the code itself and the second column will contain the information about the code’s usage. The possibility to follow the codes’ usage is provided for in the system.