How it works?

The whole procedure of online ticketing include 6 simple steps:

1. Registration

To get registered, you need to visit the registration page and fill in a short form. The only peculiarity that you should mind, is that it is necessary to identify a subdomain where the system will be located. For example, Geneva Circus may choose a subdomain During the registration, it is enough to enter a genovacircus word in the corresponding input field.

2. Add venues

To set up your ticketing shop, it is necessary to add your venues. You can do it yourself in case there is no need for a seating map. If you need a map, we will provide it to you absolutely free-of-charge. Please check detailed information regarding free seating charts implementation. Also, you can check out the list of existing hall schemes.

3. Adding events

To start selling tickets, you need to create a list of current events. Adding an event only requires entering its name and location. Besides, you need to download a poster in jpg., gif. or png. format. For repeating occasions, there is a tool that allows copying the event and changing only the starting time which is especially convenient for cinema shows. All the other parameters will be automatically copied.

4. Integrating events on sites, blogs or pages in social networks

You only need to set up a link or to call up the event page inside iframe to integrate the occasion into a website or a blog. Also, it is possible to integrate the organizer’s page on Facebook. There is an application (a bot) designed for online sales on Facebook Messenger.

Online ticketing

Having selected desired tickets, users fill in the purchase form with the required data. The system then transfers them to the payment page. When the payment is completed and confirmed, users receive an email with the attached electronic tickets, and the seller in his turn gets the money transferred to his account in the payment system. In case the order fails to be paid within the allowed period it gets nullified, and the reserved tickets appear in the system again.

6. Statistics analysis

A detailed statistics concerning every particular event allows estimating and analyzing the sales and making timely corrections.

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