Affiliate program

Who is the affiliate program for?

Affiliate program is designed for our clients who want to attract owners of other websites to distribute tickets.

How to get a link for partner registration?

You need to log in to the system and go to page “Profile”. Link for registration of partners is at the bottom of the page.

What happens after partner registration?

After your partner registers it is necessary to activate his/her account and set the income rate from tickets sale. After this all your events will become available in the partner’s account. To start sales the partner should place the event links on his/her site, in the form just like in their account.

How to track partner’s sales?

To track your partner’s sales, it is necessary to go to the order page from the event list and apply the filter designed for viewing partners’ income for the event.

Besides, to track partners’ income, you can go to page “Referrals” and follow the link “Referral statistics” in partners’ list.

Regulation of relations between partners and partners’ compensation payment

Relations between partners are regulated by their agreement; the service doesn’t interfere in partners’ business relations and only provides the platform for the affiliate program. Partners’ compensation payment also occurs according to agreements between partners without service participation. Disputes settlements between partners are not included into service.