Who is the service intended for?

The service is intended for everybody, who is engaged in holding entertainment, sports, educational and other events. Using TicketTool.net you can not only organize online ticket sales but also ensure control during the attendance of your event.

Is the use of the service really free of charge?

TicketTool.net is free for event organizers. A small fee, the amount of which you can find out on "Rates" page, is paid by a person who buys tickets. Such fee is added to the cost of tickets. An event organizer in his turn pays the fee from the account on TicketTool.net. Thus mutual settlement of accounts takes place.

How can I register?

To register use the link in the upper right corner of each page, enter your personal information and confirm e-mail.

How is a seating plan created?

The process is very easy for a user. An event organizer needs to send us a seating plan with its description. For detailed information, see "Creation of a seating plan". You can also check the list of existing seating charts.

How can I create an event?

You will find the detailed description of the event creation and editing here - "How to create an event?".

How to get the poster of events?

The poster is created from all events on the account; it may be used on the site to show the event list via IFrame. Besides, based on it you can make an IFrame application for Facebook in a few minutes. You can see an example of such an application following the link https://apps.facebook.com/tickettool/. For more information about design of Facebook application go to "Application for Facebook"

What information does the user need to enter before the purchase of tickets?

The user has to enter his/her first name, last name, phone number and e-mail address.

What's an electronic ticket?

TicketTool.net service allows to get rid of traditional paper tickets. After payment confirmation the attendee is redirected to the page with an electronic ticket containing QR code. Then the attendee can print the e-ticket and show it at the entrance to the event. The e-ticket makes the process much easier and cheaper. The attendee doesn't have to go to the ticket office or to wait for the tickets delivery, and the organizer doesn't spend money to print them. Tickets can be checked at the entrance to an event using special smartphone application. To see an electronic ticket, go to "Demo" and make a free test order.

How is the ticket checking done?

For detailed information, see "Ticket checking"

Is it possible to set discounts?

Yes, it is possible. To set discounts click on the corresponding icon in the events list.

Is it possible to work with the discount codes?

Yes, it is possible. You can upload your codes with the help of the CSV file or you can generate the discount codes right in our system; it is feasible to download them as the CVS file and use them in the Newsletter mailing to your clients or with other purposes. See details on the page "How to work with promo codes".

How can I review sales statistics?

To review sales statistics click on the corresponding icon in the events list.

Is it possible to create an affiliate program for tickets distribution?

This is possible, for more information, go to "Affiliate program".

What payment systems can be used?

In present time you can use PayPal, or one of 10 preinstalled payment options(check full list). Upon client request we can set up any other payment gateway.

How is the fee calculated when the attendee buys a ticket?

The fee is calculated according to the formula - 2.5% of the ticket cost. For example, if the attendee buys a ticket for $20, the fee will be $20/100*2.5 = $0.85.

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