How to sell tickets online?

The current situation on the market

Online tickets sales outweigh the offline ones long since. Leaders or even monopolists who simply dictate the terms and arrangements to tickets sellers were created on many markets. Here are the main factors and signs of such monopolists:

  • the excessive commissions
  • much bigger promotion of own brand in comparison with seller’s brand
  • sellers get no data relating to the end-buyer
  • a separate charge for additional services
  • a strict demand to transfer everything or the most part of tickets for sale
  • funds holding on own accounts up to the event date
  • slow and ineffective Customer Care

In the conditions of fierce competition very few representatives of the selling tickets market can effectively work using for tickets promotion and salesmanship only the third-parties’ websites. The previous wave of changes in the market “washed away” those who could not be attuned to new requirements and pass to online sales timely. Next wave will wash away those who will not lower costs of online tickets salesmanship, having built own marketing strategy. So the solution exists – to minimize the role of third-party organization as soon as possible to save your business right today.

Forming and building of audience, own traffic, loyal to a brand is the aim which the modern event-manager needs to pursue. Our service is created specifically for this purpose. Our goal is an online platform creation. Our product will allow each seller of tickets to have the most cutting-edge tool for his business developing. Using our system for selling tickets online, you can completely control all sales channels. It does not matter which kind of channel it will be: just online sale campaign, sale process via social networks or partners. Develop your brand, have a full access to information relating to your audience. It is high time to stop any cooperation with intermediaries who can change the conditions of your cooperation or even stop pull the plug any time you do not expect.

Social media, advertising, partners

The title of this paragraph is, in our opinion, the sales model which the event-managers should aspire to. The highest loyalty to the seller ‘s brand has been shown by brand subscribers in various social networks. Thanks to constant communication with the seller through the social network, they are the first to learn about new events and make purchases. In the ideal case they are also your free event promoters when telling about some occasion on social networks or simply talking with like-minded people with related interests. The audience building in social networks and constant work with consumers allow to compete and win in any rush.

Online advertising is also an effective way to sell tickets, but its purpose should be not only to make the great salesmanship campaign. It is also necessary to continue the buyers’ interaction with the brand – subscription in social networks, subscription or news mailing. With market competition increasing the cost of customer acquisition through advertising is sometimes so high that it pays off only after the clients have done purchases repeatedly.

A broad partner network can contribute your sales significantly. You can expand your potential audience in several times if you find good online or offline partners. By attracting new visitors and potential buyers from popular social media pages, websites about the life of the city, tourist portals, some of the clients of our service succeed to sell up more than half of the total quantity of tickets for their events. Our system has all the tools necessary for online and offline salesmanship campaigns through partners’ networks. In addition, there are additional options for partner sales calculations to see the full statistics.

Sales Analysis

It is very important to understand how many tickets and through what channels were sold for your events. The development and functioning of your brand will hardly be possible if you do not analyze their causes and draw conclusions after each success or failure. Our system has a set of statistical data and full reports for this purpose. These tools will help to identify the most effective sales channels and place emphasis on them not only at the end of sale campaign but still in the promotional process. In addition to built-in tools, we help you interact with third-party sales analysis option for free. It can be Google Enhanced Ecommerce or any other third-party tool you use.

Why is it better use rather than create your own platform?

The own ticketing platform is very expensive and troublesome matter. Over the course of our company’s existence, more than 100 new tools and functions have been added to system. We have made more than 450 updates to the platform and infrastructure itself. The market is changing every day, and now we can say that our team is able to react very quickly, having a large customer base and a constant dialogue with clients.

To develop and maintain your own system, you will need a very large initial investment the effective project creation. Then the funds will be necessary for the content building. You can think about it if you can maintain your own IT department on a permanent basis and pay attention to system refining aspect or have employees responsible for it. From our own experience, we know that it is more effective to launch sales today with our help. and to Pay all your attention and resources to brand promotion and sales – do not spend your time and money for a project development from a very scratch, especially in case of lack of experience related to complex IT projects managing.

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