Configuring your own E-Mail server for sending tickets

All letters for clients including those containing tickets are always sent by the ticket selling system with the help of our E-Mail server. It is very important for many clients to use their own E-Mail server as well as the subdomain to make an impression of direct buying from event sponsor and not from a middleman.

How to use your own E-Mail server

To add an e-mail server you should go to the “Settings” section of the navigation and choose “Settings of e-mail server”. Then you need to create an e-mail server. We recommend not to make it from scratch but to copy the settings of one of the established servers by using the “copy” button.

Copying allows adding your own server quicker as, apart from SMTP server parameters, you will need to enter HTML codes for the ticket template and some other transactional e-mails. It is much easier to copy the information and to edit it than to enter all required data piece by piece. It is prohibited to edit the e-mail server data in our system: thus we ensure the guaranteed availability of at least one operating e-mail server of the client.

After new server parameters, you should check its efficiency. For this purpose, you may send a test e-mail. If any problems occur, the system will show the reply of the addressee’s e-mail server that will help to realize the mistake in settings.

The logic of choosing an e-mail server for the event

Sending tickets and other transaction messages is carried out via the active mail server that belongs to the user who created a particular event. It means that if you wish to change the mail-sending server you will need to do it at this user’s computer. This logic allows using several servers. It may be useful in case the system is used by the members of the same event provider: brand managers, or personnel who work with partner events.

Using third-party E-mail sending services

Many E-mail sending services allow forwarding messages by using your own domain. Configured properly, they guarantee higher delivery percent than using own server or one of the free mail services like Gmail. This point is very important as the majority of customers’ requests to the ticket seller’s support service are connected with the following problem: customers simply can’t find the letter containing electronic tickets. This e-mail can be placed in spam or promo folder by mistake. There are also some special tools that allow looking through the sending statistics for every single address. We use a suchlike service – mailjet – for sending some types of E-mails like recovery password messages. It is highly important for us to guarantee the delivery of this letter.

As a rule, the use of special sending services is free as many of them have a monthly limit of free messages, that can hardly exceed.

Frequent e-mail delivery errors

It often happens that ticket buyers make mistakes when entering their E-mail addresses. In this case, the letter containing tickets or bank details won’t be delivered to the customer. Our system registers these cases and generates an error message containing the indication of the reason. To solve the problem, it is necessary to call the client using the phone number which was provided at registration, and ask him/her for the correct address. Then you should edit the credentials and send the e-mail again. The number of errors that occurred in the period starting from the customer’s last authorization in the system is displayed red in the upper right-hand corner of every page. Users can receive error messages via Viber bot as well. In addition to the errors regarding letter-sending, there you will also find other types of faults. For example, errors connected with late payment: clients may complete the operation after the payment period exceeds, and the tickets have already been sold to another customer, so they are not available anymore. You can find more information about errors logs in a separate article.

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