Theatre ticketing software

The TicketTool system was developed in cooperation with major state theatres. Such organizations were dissatisfied with the functionality and tariffs of the ticket sales software. That is why it was difficult to find a solution that would better suit the theater`s requirements. All the necessary functions for theaters were developed and tested by staff members of several large theaters. We paid our focused attention to the simplicity of creating and copying the events. Additionally, we took into consideration the operational comfort of cashiers while selling tickets via the cash register. Our system also helps to generate reports and to make restrictions on the access rights to the system functions. 

Theater Hall Layout Plan Designing

The first thing to do before starting to work with the system is to create the theater seating chart. For these purposes, we have created our editor of concert halls. It gives an opportunity to create high-quality layouts in vector SVG format. Such an opportunity allows our program to display the hall layouts on a screen of any size. Both huge monitors and the smallest pocket-screen devices provide high-level performance without quality loss or picture refinement. In order not to come again, we want to refer to the article posted earlier on our website. It describes in detail the process of theater hall layout plan designing. The only thing we want to note is that using our ticket sales system gives you an exceptional capability to get the hall layout plan for free. We can design it within two working days. You can ask for your theater layout plan or for schemes of the other concert halls which are necessary for ticket sales. Such an opportunity is quite handy for theater tours to other cities or countries (traveling roving theater performances).

Services for Event Planning and Arrangements

Some theaters during the height of the season hold several events per day. That is why the theater staff needs to have all the required tools and options to add the theater repertoire to the system and start ticket sales in a short time. The main advantage of our system is the convenience of working with events. In TicketTool, the event looks like a template set that can be reused. It means that the theater staff representative once indicates the ticket price in the hall for a specific performance, and can reuse this pricing set next time. It is also applicable to the theater occupancy template, the partner quotes, ticket templates, and emails.

The opportunity of copying events allows you to “clone” all the settings of the event in a few seconds. You can use again a title, a description, an occupancy of the seats, prices, and discounts. To copy, you need only to press one button and choose a new date for this event!

Ticket Sales via Cash Boxes (Cash Desks)

Almost all of our clients sell their tickets online and even quit arranging offline sales. But there are still some classical repertoire theaters that prefer ticket sales via cash boxes/cash desks. That is why our team has paid great attention to the convenience of cashiers’ work. The TicketTool interface allows the cashier to work not only via computer but also using a tablet or even a smartphone. The working page adapts to the screen size and gives an opportunity to make sales without any problems even during the work with a large theater hall layout plan. The cashier can even add the customer’s data to the theater database or just print a ticket, skipping this step (without specification of customer data). Tickets at the cash box may be different from the tickets that customers get in the online version. Tickets can be of any size and design, they can be printed on a special form using the thermal printer. Our system registers all sales made by the cashier and generates a report to control the cashier’s operation time.

Ticket Sales with a Help of the Partners

Some of our clients have partnerships with organizations or individuals. They help the theaters to sell the tickets for the performances. Our system makes it much easier to cooperate with partner agents. The theater can provide access to the system and enable third parties you collaborate with to sell tickets online or via cash boxes. Our TicketTool system allows the theater to provide the opportunity to a partner to sell all the tickets or just limit the sales at all. Assign each of your partners with a certain set of seats in the hall. Theater administrators can ban the sales of partners for certain events. It helps in cases if the theater manages sales itself and partners’ services are not required at the moment.

Sales Statistics and Reports

TicketTool offers more than 10 forms of reports, some of which suit especially for theatre’s needs. Comprehensive reporting options provide detailed information on activities, ticketing, cashiers’ and theatre partners’ sales. All reports can be downloaded in the XLS format. If needed, we can develop new statement variations considering the client’s preferences. Besides standard reports, our sales system has instruments for sales and customer analysis. It provides an opportunity to understand the ultimate buyer’s behavior and to push up sales.

Theatre Staff Training on How to Work with the System

We understand that each employee must operate well with our ticketing system and perform duties without outside help. That is why we give online tutorials and video guides with screen sharing before theatre staff starts working with TicketTool. There may be a few lessons for different groups of employees with different duties. Accountants learn about reports, for example. Cashiers study ticket sales, and administrators watch e-lessons and how-to videos on their routine task performance. We recommend workers record lessons. This way they can rewatch them or show TicketTool abilities to newcomers.

Distributing Employees’ Rights to Access System Functions

TicketTool has a flexible system of users rights distribution. Usually, theatres have a few departments with certain fields of responsibility. Here is why we added other user roles besides the primary administrator who has full access. Roles with limited access include administrator, accountant, partner, ticket department.

Logging Options for Better Workflow

In big theatres, some employees have one responsibility. For example, cashiers work in shifts, because their operational time can be more than 8 hours. Here is why our system offers logs (or journals) fixing important actions by an employee. These actions include order creation, changing prices, and places status. Also, there is redirecting places to sales partners, and other operations that affect the theatre’s work and have financial risks. Journals keeping disciplines staff members and allows them to settle inner disputes fast.

Setting Work with Third-Party Hardware, Services, and Payment Systems

While working with our ticket system, we have gained large experience in many fields. We know a lot about ticket design, printing templates while working with different printers, from home models to temperature (sensor) printers. Moreover, we help with choosing cash register equipment and equipment for checking tickets. It can be smartphones, tablets, scanners, or even ticket gates.

At this moment TicketTool operates in more than 10 counties, so we have huge experience in local payment systems installment. If our potential client does not find a suitable one from pre-installed systems, we will be glad to make the integration of different kinds. The same way we operate with CRM systems and reports services for tax authorities.

Special-Purpose Tariff Rate Schedules for Theatres

We want to achieve long-term contracts and cooperate with standing customers. Our flexible pricing schedule considers spendings on maintenance. They include server resources, staff teaching/onboarding, system maintenance, and terms of contracts. Based on all these aspects, we form optimal offers for theatres. Most commonly, our prices are significantly lower than usual tariff rates. Furthermore, we can offer a fixed rate with monthly payments and season accounting tariff plans.

Server Installation in the Theatre

Some of our major consumers prefer to integrate our system to their hardware right on-site, in the theatre. It provides stronger assurance of sudden Internet troubles. The cash register won’t stop ticket sales and other departments will continue working. We help to set the system according to the specifications of the on-site hardware and send our workers to help with local installations. Tariffs for such services are not included in standard pricing plans and should be discussed individually.

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