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Creation of a seating plan

What to do first?

To start working with TicketTool.net you need to have at least one venue in your account. Otherwise, it is impossible to create an event. We create seating plans free of charge, if you don't need one, you can add venue by yourself. To order a plan, please send a request to our customer support service or just send us a message using the contacts form.

What information to provide?

To create a seating plan we need its image, where the arrangement of seats, rows and zones are shown. This image will be used for creation of an interactive seating plan. If you cannot provide such image, contact our customer support service and we will find the way to help you. The example of a seating plan with 10 rows on the main floor and 3 rows on the balcony is shown in fig. 1.

Example of a plan

(fig. 1)

Information about price zones

Besides the seating plan the organizer has to provide information about price zones on the plan.

Time-frame for a seating plan preparation

After we receive all necessary information, we will provide you a working interactive seating plan within 1-2 business days.

How to check the list of existing seating charts?

You can check the list on this page. If seating chart you need already exits, the only thing you should do is to let us know you want to use it.