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How much does the use of TicketTool cost?

The use of the TicketTool system is free for event organizers. Attendees who purchase tickets pay a small fee.

What is the fee and how is it charged?

$0.35 + 2.5% Per ticket
The fee equals to $0.35 + 2.5% of the ticket cost. For example, if the user buys a ticket for $20, the commission will be $0.35 + $20/100*2.5 = $0.85, i.e. the user will pay $20.85 to the event organizer. In its turn, the amount of $0.85 will be charged to the organizer's account. In this way the mutual settlement of accounts between the event organizer and TicketTool is made.

Direct payments to event organizers

Attendees pay for tickets via payment gateways, and money is transferred directly to the accounts of event organizers. As opposed to other similar systems, we don't hold money on our accounts till the end of an event.

How can I replenish my account?

To replenish your account go to "Balance", and choose one of the available payment gateways. An event organizer has to ensure that his balance on TicketTool.net is always positive, sales will be not stopped, but in this case, vendor get no access to the service, only to the balance page. To avoid such situation we send e-mail warnings about low balance to our users.

Can an event organizer pay fees himself?

The system provides the possibility for an event organizer to pay fees himself. To do this, choose a corresponding option while creating your event. In this case the ticket price for an attendee will not include fees.

Bonus system

After registration in the system the amount of $10 is automatically deposited to the event organizer's account. Besides, if you deposit more than $50 to your account 5% bonus of the whole amount is added to your account.