Event attendance monitoring in the presence of pandemic


Even before the end of the active quarantine phase, our company started to develop new functions, which should have helped the organizers of different events to continue working under quarantine conditions, with partial or even total ban on holding events.

Online events

The functionality of online events based on the Mux streaming service was the first item we developed. Using this service makes it possible to set up a paid online broadcast with limited access in minutes, which will be available through a unique link that cannot be used twice. The link replaces the traditional ticket and the broadcast is transmitted in the browser without having to install any additional programs. On our website, there is an article with a detailed description of online events broadcast and the process of setting up streaming service.

Restrictions on the spectator seating in the concert halls

After the quarantine was loosened, in some countries it was allowed to hold events in concert halls. In almost all countries where our clients work, restrictions were imposed on the number of spectators in the hall and the location of spectators at a certain distance from each other. In most cases, there should be one unfilled seat between spectators, in some of the countries the conditions are stricter, so there should be two empty places separating spectators.

To meet these requirements, we have developed a tool that automatically locks one or two seats to the right and left of the places that a customer has booked. If the consumer does not pay for the seats, they become automatically vacant. In the seat status editor, the blocked seats are automatically circled in light green. In the picture below, two places booked by the customer are in orange, while two places on the left and one place on the right are automatically blocked.

Limitations on the number of visits for museums and zoos

The ticketing system TicketTool makes it possible to organize ticket sales not only for concerts. It can also operate in the same mode as museums, zoos, and other organizations with the permanent tickets sale. During the pandemic, for these organizations restrictions were introduced on the number of visitors who can be in their territory at the same time.

For this purpose, we have created tools to stop online and ticket office sales when the maximum visitors’ limitation is reached. Even at the stage of online ticketing, a customer sees how many free tickets are left for this or that time and can decide what time to visit.

The picture below shows how the cashier sees the number of seats sold on a particular date, divided by time. By clicking on the number, the cashier can see the full list of orders for the appropriate period.

The consumer sees the number of tickets that are available for online selling as well.

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