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iPhone/iPad application for entrance tickets control

How does the application work?

TicketTool.net allows you to check tickets on event entry via application for iPhone or iPad. Application is scanning ticket QR code and check if it exists in event database.

How to install application?

You can download application from Apple Store and install it. To do it you can search for TicketTool, find our application and install it. Besides, you can scan QR code placed below and install the application.

How to use application?

After installation and launch of application you will see splash screen and later application menu.

First you should do after installation is to put in application key, without this key it will be not possible to work with iPhone/iPad application. It is done to make secure data transfer. You can find your key on TicketToo.net in profile -> additional information tab. To scan the key you need to go to "Settings/Information" page in application and click scan button. After scanning key will be saved automatically and all application functions will be enabled. Don't forget that key is important information, don't provide this information to third parties and if you use our iPhone/iPad application regular, please change the key in your profile sometimes.

Online mode

If you have internet connection in the place where you want to control tickets, you can do it even without storing information on your device. In online mode control data will be send and checked on our servers, application will display the result. After ticket check we are marking place as taken and in the case of second request device will display information on red background, which means that place is already taken. If where are will be a problem during the scanning or code will be in wrong format, you will get an error message.

Offline mode

In the case when where is no internet connection you can use application in offline mode. Before start entrance control you should first download event check database to your device. To do that you need to go to events list on TicketTool.net and use verification data upload function, then scan the code with application in event add mode. After scanning event will be added and listed in events list. If you will click on event you will see functions list. You can scan tickets, delete event or go back to events list.