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Ticket checking

How can the tickets be checked?

E-tickets received by users after paying the order may be verified in 4 ways:

  • using a special application for smartphones or tabs based on Android operating system. This application is provided to our clients for free, its mode of operation is described below.

  • the most simple way - printing the order list and checking the tickets at the entrance verifying them with the list. Print option is provided on the event list page.
  • using the ticket code that may be entered by hand in the checking form on the event page. As code entry is done manually, this method is recommended only for small facilities and events.
  • using a special scanner connected to the computer. Such scanners allow to scan e-ticket code rapidly, and it is automatically entered into the system. This makes the verification faster and easier comparing with the first way and allows serving bigger amount of clients.

    How does the application work? 

    The application for e-ticket checking scans the QR ticket code and compares its number with the number contained in the event database. The application can work online and offline. You can download it here.

    Application screenshots

    1. Loader
    2. Main menu
    3. List of event for offline mode
    4. Result of ticket scan
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    Offline mode

    You can use offline mode when it is impossible to connect your smartphone to the Internet during ticket checking. For this purpose just download the event file to application. To do it, on the webpage, in the list of events click verification button and scan qr code with application.

    Online mode

    This working mode enables you to check tickets verifying the information with the event database stored on the TicketTool server. Although this mode is more universal, we recommend downloading files for offline ticket checking so that you will be able to continue the procedure of checking tickets even in case with the Internet connection failures of the TicketTool server.

    Event database download for offline mode

    To download the database for the ticket control click on the icon "Link for downloading verification data" in the events list and read the QR code of the link to the verification file using the application for ticket checking. After that a new event will appear on the events list for offline verification. We recommend deleting verification files for past events on a regular basis.