Facebook bot for ticket selling – demo version


It is a known fact that Facebook has become one of the major ticket-selling tools for any kind of event. There is a number of available filters that allow sorting users by various parameters like interests, age and other, according to the upcoming occasion type. Thus, it becomes easy to pick out potential target clients from the crowd. Hence, investment in advertising is compensated by high-quality traffic that comes from Facebook.

Another effective tool for selling tickets and communicating with the audience is the use of Facebook groups. Some of our clients possess wide audiences on Facebook. These users are the key purchasers who make up the majority of total sales.

Considering the importance of Facebook to our customers, we have released a ticket selling bot for user support. Its basic functions are providing clients with the event schedule and enabling them to buy tickets directly via Facebook messenger. Our bot simplifies the purchasing process as user information is sourced through the messenger that sets aside the necessity to enter the data manually. An experimental run of the bot shows that it may require some time for users to get used to the new ticket purchasing form. The reason is a lack of experience and a low level of trust towards bots in social networks.

Later on, we will release an article and a video guide to new functionality and settings of the Facebook bot. If you want to install the bot, please get registered in our ticket selling system and submit a request to our customer care for further instructions and help.

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