Integration With Weclapp CRM for Users From Germany


We are pleased to announce that we have introduced automation for interaction with CRM weclapp for the convenience of our users from Germany. When selling tickets with the help of TicketTool, our consumers receive money through payment systems directly from buyers. This is advantageous for our users because the money can be spent immediately on preparing the event including all the event-related arrangements. In comparison with the approaches of our competitors, we offer an alternative solution. This way, there is no need to wait for payments after the event. However, in the case of direct payments and the lack of automation, it may be necessary to process and submit invoices to the tax authorities. And for large events, these are hundreds or even thousands of invoices at once.

To solve this problem in different countries, we integrate local CRM systems. As well as on the initiative of our clients (and if it is technically possible), we can directly interact with state tax authorities through the API. Then, the system automatically sends information about each transaction to the tax service. This automation-driven procedure allows our clients to save their time. And they focus on holding the event, rather than on compiling reports and working with invoices. For this aim, at the request of our customers from Germany, the popular CRM weclapp was enabled. In addition to the advantages listed above, you can undertake the weclapp integration within one day. By the way, using this system is far from expensive. You can count on affordable service for your business.

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