Courier delivery when selling tickets through the site

Why is this opportunity provided?

It’s no secret that online payment systems are not as widespread as we would like. Despite not all of their advantages, for some people it is more usual to pay in the old way, in cash with courier delivery.

How it works?

In the case of delivery of tickets by courier, the process of buying tickets differs only in the last step. When choosing a payment method, the buyer can choose courier delivery. After confirming his phone number, he will receive a message about the completion of the order. The seller will receive a notification of the order, indicating the phone number to which you should call back to specify the time and place of delivery.

How to set up this payment method?

To connect the payment method “Courier delivery”, go to the “Profile” page and enable the corresponding option. You also need to enter a text that will inform the user about the delivery details, about the price, schedule of the delivery service, etc. Immediately after this, this option will be activated. Do not forget that after each of these sales, the event organizer must mark in the list of event orders the courier delivered the order as paid.

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