MailChimp Integration

Why are newsletters needed?

The online ticket sales system is not only the tool for ticket sales but also is the tool for helping in events promotion. Particularly, there is the possibility to import the lists of attendees who have subscribed to the new events newsletters lists while purchasing tickets.

How to import and use the lists?

The data import with the purpose of newsletters takes place on the page “Events Import”. After you click on the corresponding link the file will be downloaded in the CSV format. The cells in the file contain the subscriber’s e-mail and his/her full name. This is the file standard supported by MailChimp. To continue importing the file, use the instructions on this page.

Is it possible to use another mailing system rather than MailChimp?

If you use another system, not MailChimp, you can open the file containing the subscribers’ information in Excel format. If it is needed, change the cells’ order and introduce any other modifications to adjust the file in accordance with the corresponding format.

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