Platform update, TicketTool V 2.0


The premier version of online ticket selling service was developed 7 years ago. In the course of time, we realized that the system requires profound modernization, that is why about 1,5 years ago our experts set an action plan and got the makeover started. After a year of hard work, we are pleased to announce the release of the second version of our ticket selling platform is taking place. This is not simply an update but an actual brand-new system that has been built on the gathered experience and the contemporary requirements and tendencies in the field.

We put the emphasis on interface change and strove to provide maximum convenience of operation on any kinds of devices:

  • smartphones;
  • laptops;
  • tablets;

It has been a long time that mobile Internet traffic exceeded PC use. About 65% of visitors enter our clients’ sites from their smartphones. Having this in view, we elaborated new design of external pages and made a faster and more convenient interface. Today, Google PageSpeed Insights (a tool that helps to evaluate the speed and convenience of web pages) awards TicketTool 100 points out of 100 for computers and 98-100 points out of 100 for mobiles. It means that our services quickly and successfully respond to customers’ inquiries. Also, it indicates that the system effectively functions on any devices including outdated ones. This is impressive considering that a page may contain a huge scheme of a 2000-seat hall. For a ticket seller, the prompt operation ensures low number of user rejections that will reduce the average expenses for visitor attraction. Thus, our clients will get a high competitive advantage. 

Another major update is a new dashboard – a statistics page that shows the sales’ present state. It allows TicketTool users to evaluate the current situation and to make timely corrections. Apart from statistics and internal reports, you can connect up to any desirable accounting software. For example, our system is ready for setting up Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking. Normally, the process of the application’s installation is quite hard, but we have managed to reduce it to downloading a single file in Google Tag Manager.

Another task at hand was to simplify the interface of the system. We wanted to provide our clients with an easy-to-use platform that would allow controlling the online ticket selling process quickly and effectively. To realize it, we improved the frame’s appearance, worked out a brand-new menu structure, eased the existing tools and added new user-friendly wizards. Also, we created a Viber bot for the convenient management of basic functionality. Having downloaded it, users get enabled to:

  • receive notifications concerning new orders;
  • change their statuses;
  • resend orders to customers;
  • manage buyer information;
  • view basic sales statistics.

On the completion of bot setup, there is no need to get authorized in the systemю All actions can be taken with the help of the bot.

The last important point to mention is that we have started developing detailed work manuals that will help our clients to masterfully manage the system. Apart from common articles, the guidance will be released in the form of videos that will be available on our YouTube channel.

We perceive that the new platform version is a competitive product that will be highly evaluated by our clients. Part of our customers have already upgraded to the fresh modification provided that we lend assistance in setting up the new system software release. Please contact our customer service for information or help by using the online contact form.

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