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Many of our customers are coaches, consultants or carry out different types of training. Our experience shows that finding a suitable venue is one of the greatest challenges.

According to our expirience the easiest and most effective way to find the right space is to use marketplace like

On ShareYourSpace you will find offices and meeting rooms in all sizes and equipments. If your search is not successful, you can simply contact the space guides at and they will find a fitting space for you.

In order for you to find the right location, it is important to think about which criteria my location has to meet.

Following we will give you some guidelines.

What size does my location have to be?

The choice of your event location is of course largely dependent on how many people are attending your event. If you offer your customers seats, you should plan with at least 10m² per customer. This is only for the event room. If you also need a lounge, catering area, terrace, etc., you have to take this into account. You might want to integrate active elements into coaching or training sessions. You should therefore plan enough buffer so that you and your guests do not feel restricted in their creativity or an oppressive feeling arises.

What equipment does the location need?

The following checklist can help you find the right space:

  • number of chairs
  • number of tables
  • number of flipcharts
  • projector
  • internet connection
  • whiteboard
  • HDMI cable
  • adapter for Apple products
  • sound system
  • microphone
  • lighting

Do I need on-site support and / or catering?

Depending on how long your event lasts, you need someone in charge who can help with questions and who is familiar with the location.

In addition, at events that last longer than 4 hours, you should think about how the physical well-being of your customers is taken care of. Many venues offer you breakfast coffee, lunch, some cake in the afternoon or dinner. You should plan to take a break at least every 2 hours.

Your customers should also be able to supply themselves with water, coffee, juices or small snacks at any time between the breaks.

What atmosphere do I want to create?

Good coaching, good training or any successful event depends on the right atmosphere. Your customers will only be able to develop creativity when they feel good. A room can also encourage agile or creative thinking.

A two-hour meeting can be held in a smaller group in a single meeting room. But even here you should ask yourself, do I need space to be able to move around the room with the participants. Do we need places to stretch or have a walk? A kitchen? A lounge? A terrace?

Think about the atmosphere you want to create and what feelings you want to arouse in the participants.

Where should my venue be located?

You should make a conscious decision whether you need a rural event location for a celebration or a training course lasting several days. Or whether good transport connections and proximity to the center are more important for your event.

How will your participants arrive? Do you need parking space? How much time do your participants have to plan for their journey?

Hot to find the right venue?

With the previous questions you now have a good picture of what your ideal venue should look like. But where do I find it?

There are many specialized websites, depending on the type of event.

In any case, it is worth visiting No matter what size, equipment, location or price range you have a good chance of finding the right location. Otherwise the space guides from ShareYourSpace will help you to find the right space.

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