Beta version of event poster site based on launched


In the middle of February, we announced the beginning of a set of functions development for creating a poster site based on our online ticket sales system. Today we are pleased to report that the beta version of the long-awaited feature has been completed and it is ready for use.

Those of our clients who agreed to take part in testing the new feature have already started to configure their own websites. The testing phase of this new feature will last about two weeks. After collecting customer feedback, we will make the necessary corrections and put the feature to operating mode. At the moment any of our clients can join the testing. To do this, you should contact our support team to activate the new feature.

After we have finished working on the functionality of the ticket sales website, we will definitely release an article and video with a detailed description of the new feature functionality and its settings. We will also compare the features of sites built on our platform with poster sites based on the most popular CMS WordPress and platform for building WIX sites.

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